Emerald green silk velvet ring bearer pillows
The beloved ring bearer pillow is one area that you can get a lot of impact in your wedding for not a lot of money. This small detail can be the key to tying the look of your ceremony together. Some ring bearer pillows are highly versatile in shades of white or ivory making them perfect for a wide variety of weddings. Others are more colorful, and meant to be a compliment to the chosen color scheme. There is no right or wrong answer when choosing your ring bearer pillow. Go with what you love and it will become a treasured heirloom.
Can't get enough of that mini emerald green number up above! 
Blue and green silk velvet ring bearer pillows
A peek at some studio couture silk velvet ring bearer pillows in process. See the needle and thread on the emerald green? Each one is completely made by hand in the studio using luxury materials and rare antique millinery tools to hand cut and press the silk floral. The process of making these gorgeous pieces has been refined for years producing truly stunning pillows that are not offered anywhere else.
pink, silver, blue and purple silk velvet flower ring bearer pillows
This series was so fun to design! Silver, purple, blue and pink silk velvet fabric was transformed into these whimsical ring bearer cushions. The oversized center flower was created using a century old French flower press and each button is of course covered in silk velvet to bring the whole look effortlessly together.
A little secret about this style is that it was a big studio debate on whether or not to center these with crystal buttons but in the end, keeping the pillow in all velvet won. What would you think about these with crystal button centers? 
Teal and fuchsia ring bearer pillow
Color for the win! Asymmetry that is also balanced is one of the favorite ring cushion design practices. These two silk velvet wedding pillows in teal and fuchsia are each slightly different from one another but show you how mixing and matching styles can be both easy and chic. 
What would your dream ring bearer pillow look like? Leave a comment below and you might just see a studio version pop up someday!
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