Reverie Pink, Gold and Blue Sunset Inspired Wedding Bouquet


Marie Livet Reverie Pink Gold and Blue Swarovski Crystal Wedding Bouquet

First Version Crystal and Pearl Reverie Bouquet

Reverie is an heirloom floral art wedding bouquet inspired by the colorful sunsets captured on studio inspiration walks. Constructed out of Swarovski crystals, pink hand dyed and pressed silk satin roses, delicately hand cut and molded golden metal leaves and an abundance of freshwater pearls dotted with chalcedony gemstones.

The freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals vary in hue from pink to peach to blue as they sweep across the bouquet in large swathes, just like clouds in the sky. In the first reveal of this bouquet on Instagram I had hinted that Reverie would change as a sunset does in time. There are two versions of this bridal bouquet just as there are two inspirational photos created for it. Marie Livet Reverie Bouquet

Reverie with me dear friends. It takes but a second to be lost in a beautiful daydream. Thoughts reflecting on treasured memories or even anticipating a blissful moment that has yet to pass. The allure of sunsets is the chance to be immersed briefly in awe and wonder. A reminder of the journey we are on and the magic it can hold.

Sunset Inspiration

The colors of materials chosen for Reverie were taken directly from these images generated from photos taken of sunsets on studio inspiration walks. The shades of pink, peach, blue, purple and gold reflected in the depth of luminescent freshwater pearls, hand dyed silks and Swarovski crystals. 

Reverie Pink Rose and Blue Pearl Crystal Wedding Bridal Bouquet

Second Version Cottage Rose Reverie Bouquet

The second available version of this heirloom wedding bouquet features an addition of hand painted silk satin cottage roses. The way the hand cut and pressed petals fade in color is enchanting. Cottage roses have always been a classic choice for wedding floral and they remain a favorite of the studio.

Colorful Sunset

Sunset Inspiration
A soft color in the sky offering.

 Marie Livet pink and blue crystal and pearl wedding bouquet detail.

The more you look, the more you see. Delicate and light golden metal leaves curve gently over a dense bed of pink, peach, opal, soft blue and rose colored Swarovski crystals. Genuine freshwater pearls in various shades, shapes and sizes carry the eye and compliment the luster of the silk satin roses. This second version also has a subtle modern addition of pink Swarovski crystal cubes.

Marie Livet Pink and Blue Crystal Pearl Wedding Bouquet

Reverie Cottage Rose Bouquet

Creating these couture wedding bouquets in the studio is a true joy. Each one is different and after all of the many hours something emerges that can hopefully bring joy to someone else for years to come. It is not about the time spent, it is about the life the flowers will become a part of. Something truly special to mark an occasion of a happy day or sentiment. A joyful emotion in the physical form of floral art. 

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