Couture Ring Bearer Pillow Details - Series 1

Various couture ring bearer pillows with beading, lace and feathers.
Hello dear friends! Marie the designer here, writing to you from the desk in my office. Let's venture behind the seams, I hear it's beautiful there this time of year. This group above makes a lovely bunch don't they? These couture ring bearer pillows are always a favorite to design. They offer the chance to create something uniquely gorgeous and meaningful in a small scale. Something easily saved by the owner to recall a very special life moment. 
Choosing materials is by far the easiest part of what I do, I have been collecting for years and can't wait to show you all the rarity that is to come. Settling on the final design is the difficult part. It's easy to become momentarily paralyzed by the amount of ideas I have for each piece, I am always striving to bring forth heirloom quality treasures to you. Pink ring bearer pillow with feathers and gold crystal details.
This ultra light shade of blush silk taffeta was found after a long day sourcing in the famous Garment District in NYC. Only one yard (I like to live dangerously) of this was purchased along with the other silks, laces and trims I had hand selected that day. Love it paired with the double faced velvet ribbon to attach the rings. 
Pink ring bearer cushion with gold crystal, pearls and feathers.
Let's talk about this... wow. Where do I begin? At first glance you may think that this piece was pre-made and then simply added to the ring pillow. Luckily, the tale of it contains more than that. The pink freshwater pearls, vintage French silk lace, gold crystal trim and blush ostrich feathers all come from separate sources found years apart from one another. Each element was chosen for its tremendous beauty. The flourish was then assembled by hand in the studio making it truly unique to this ring bearer pillow.
The final touch of little freshwater pearls and gold glass beads in each corner add that last finishing detail.
Champagne silk rose ring bearer pillow by Marie Livet.
Layers of silk satin petals cut and pressed by hand in this Marie Livet rose atop the pleated tulle and champagne silk pillow. Even though the rose appears delicate, it is made in a way perfected by the studio that gives it incredible durability compared to other silk flowers. It takes six different antique millinery tools and several hours to create this one silk rose. Part of the appeal, much like floral in real life, is it will never be duplicated exactly the same way again. 
Detail of champagne silk fabric and pleated tulle on ring pillow.
Raw edge dupioni silk and chiffon ribbons give depth and texture variance to the champagne color palette. The finely pleated tulle is a wonderful addition not seen often in ring bearer pillows.
Ivory alencon lace ring bearer pillow.
Ever the classic French alencon lace. Have always adored the way lace presents with a different color underneath. Definitely had to add a champagne one to the studio's offerings. The supple soft double face ivory satin bow is the perfect simple companion to set it off.
Taupe alencon lace ring bearer pillow.
This taupe lace is stunning. One of those things you see and try to imagine how to fit it into your life. The soft grosgrain and silk satin ribbon combo give it a bit of a tailored look. The base of this ring bearer pillow is the same ultra light blush silk taffeta as the feather ring pillow above. A very subtle color accent.
Detail of taupe alencon lace ring bearer pillow.
Lastly are the ethereal silk ribbons for attaching the rings. Each of these pillows also features a strap across the back to help the ring bearer carry the pillow without incident and is hand tufted with a vintage mother of pearl button. 
Question or comment? Please post your thoughts below! Would love to hear from you, xo. -Marie 

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