Transforming Marie Livet Silk Floral into Pocket Squares

Hello studio friends! Marie here with the story of how the couture studio floral found its way to becoming silk pocket squares. This all began one fine evening when I could not sleep. For one reason or another, my mind refused to submit to rest despite my best efforts. It's in those moments of calm and quiet that the small constant thoughts rise to the surface. It could have been a myriad of things but that particular night, when I closed my eyes, I was greeted by an idea cloaked in a flash of floral patterns. That marked the end of me trying to sleep that night. A design button had been pushed and there was no turning back. As the sun began to rise several hours later, there was the beginning of a dozen or so first drafts set before me. Lighthouse blue grey silk flower pocket square by Marie Livet
The Lighthouse silk pocket square is a classic medallion floral based off the couture silk flower pictured below. It has a beautiful play between light and dark as the petals curve inward. This silk pocket square is printed by a mill in England and features a hand finished hem. An American designer working with some friends across the pond to bring you new beauty.Lighthouse grey couture silk satin flower by Marie Livet
This one of a kind couture stem used for the print above was created with charcoal grey silk satin, peacock freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals and silk velvet leaves. All the floral from the studio is cut and pressed by hand using several antique millinery tools sourced over many years. Each one was chosen for its distinct characteristics and the knowledge of its rarity.Couture blue silk velvet flower by Marie Livet
A striking blue silk velvet flower featuring exclusively cast solid bronze leaves was a commission from a lovely client. The silk velvet is a two tone combination because the front face of the petals are darker than the reverse. This gives the velvet flower an added depth. It takes eight separate antique die cutters and molds collected over several years by the studio to create this flower. Completing this piece is the hand dyed silk covered stem and the imported silk ruffle edged velvet ribbon. 
dark blue silk medallion pocket square
Stunning on call. Blue silk pocket square with extra flair, it's so much more than just a pretty face. Something about the lines and the color shading. The way the outermost waves turn toward points. Once you know the source floral, you can begin to see it in the design. Almost like a beautiful secret that only you know. 
dark blue Marie Livet silk pocket square in a pocket
A cool blue flame. These silk pocket squares are on the larger size at about 17 inches (44.5 cm) so they stay put better than other smaller squares.
Couture gold metal leaves and pink floral by Marie Livet
A lighter alternative the studio's cast metal leaves are these pressed copper leaves that were plated in gold. Having these leaves be a reality for my designs was an incredibly long process. The century old antique mold was missing one of its halves. An unfortunate casualty from years ago of the bronze bottom half being sold to a scrap yard. After several attempts, and hundreds of miles driven to travel to casting experts, the studio has a complete mold for this once long lost leaf. Resurrecting it to be featured once again.
Symphonic gold, pink and black flower silk pocket square by Marie Livet
The silk print that resulted reminded me of a kinetic sculpture. The way the metallic leaves look like they could fold into one another. There is an incredible amount of history and "just happened to be" variables making this possible. 
Couture purple Wildflower sterling silver flower bouquet by Marie Livet
Oh the stunning Wildflower bouquet. This incredibly special piece featured lilac silk satin flowers, amethyst gemstones, exclusive solid sterling silver flowers and leaves, purple Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls. The ultimate heirloom floral. All the sterling silver in this bouquet is sealed so it will never tarnish. A piece like this takes the studio approximately two months to create entirely by hand. 
Wildflower purple silk flower pocket square
My what a beautiful print you have! All the better to charm you with. There is a slight edge to this purple floral pocket square in the pointed silver leaves. Wildflower is resilient with a perennial growth that won't give up.
Silk pocket square, couture bouquet, necklace and beaded ring bearer pillow
Whether it's silk pocket squares, jewelry, ring bearer pillows or bouquets. The studio is always making pieces you can't find anywhere else. Art is ever moving forward and yet, maintains constant allure.
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