Small Beacon Silk Scarf in Black and Slate Grey Floral


Hand rolled small silk scarf featuring a bold pattern derived from Beacon, the couture floral studio piece that symbolizes guiding light in a storm. It appears dark but is laced with light.

  • 100% Silk
  • Printed in England
  • Measures 61cm X 61cm (24 inches)
  • Hand Rolled Edge
  • Free Shipping


Floral print is based off of Beacon, the fine art couture bouquet by Marie Livet. Beacon is a piece inspired by the overcoming of trials that sometimes appear in our lives. They can make us feel as though we are alone in a storm with no warming point of light to offer direction. Yet there is light if we look for it. It takes different forms but if you see it, and work to move toward it, it gets brighter. Becoming a comfort, strength and support that can guide you to arrive where you want to be.

You are the vessel that moves you toward your goals.

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