Moontide Powder Blue Jeweled Silk Floral Heirloom Bouquet

Powder blue silk bridal bouquet with crystals and pearls.

Isn't she lovely? Introducing Moontide, a powder blue silk satin bridal bouquet created meticulously by hand in the Livet studio. This heirloom crystal, pearl and gemstone jeweled wedding bouquet features blue silk roses in two complimentary shades of satin. This particular shade is not commonly found so when I happened upon it while sourcing for the studio I pounced already able to envision how stunning it could be. Creating truly unique pieces for my clients will forever be a favorite part of what I do.

Moontide blue silk and crystal luxury wedding bridal bouquet

The Livet studio does not use a sparkle filter when photographing the pieces because I think it is important for you to see the actual flashes of light you can expect from a studio bridal bouquet. It's too important of a purchase to be left to false augmentation. This bouquet produces intense rainbow sparkles as the light dances through it, it's almost hypnotic if you aren't careful enough. I know I get lost in it, dreaming of all the details that make up such a stunning bouquet.

Moontide blue silk rose bridal bouquet luxury wedding

Faceted light blue crystal points are nestled among blue freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals and little silver tone metal leaves. Each small rosebud is centered with crystal and detailed with silk velvet calyx. 

moontide poem

Moontide ligh powder blue silk rose bouquet

The large roses in Moontide feature tiny blue topaz gemstones as accents. It's the perfect example of little details that all add up to what really makes these pieces special. 

Moontide blue silk and crystal luxury wedding bridal bouquet

I developed the silver tone metal leaves based off of rare antique presses and they are now cast exclusively for the Livet studio. This process alone took years of restoring long lost Victorian Era tools and learning about how to reinterpret them for casting in various metals. 

Moontide light blue silk flower bridal bouquet

A vision in blue silk satin roses. If these flowers could talk they would speak tales of art spanning over a century meeting at this point. All of the various antique tools mixed with modern techniques to create it. Another lovely detail about Livet studio bouquets is that each individual stem is meticulously wrapped in dupioni silk and finished on the back so the underside of the bouquet is as polished as the top. This makes it especially nice for the person holding it.

Moontide powder blue floral silk pocket square

Why not match your bouquet with this stunning Moontide print silk pocket square? This medallion design cleverly contains floral imagery from the bouquet!

Do you love the studio bouquets but want something custom? Please contact me and I would love to talk to you about creating the perfect floral piece just for you.

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