Portrait of Marie the designer for Marie Livet.
Designer Marie

The mission of the Livet studio is to create symbolic art pieces that embody the strength and beauty of personal growth throughout life. Livet is Norwegian for "the life" which encapsulates what the studio works are for. Each one a small reminder of our innate abilities, affections and pursuits of positive fulfillment.

Marie Livet luxury silk and sterling bouquet in white and ivory.

Couture Sterling Silver and Pearl Bouquet in Bridal Whites
All of the couture floral whether it is metal or silk originates in the studio with the use of rare antique millinery tools. These tools are coupled with private techniques developed by the studio. This ensures that the final design is truly exclusive on several levels. 
This library of floral is then translated into modern day works through passion and dedication. Offering a range of accessories both for everyday and special occasions alike.
Marie Livet pocket square on the Netflix series Lucifer 
Marie Livet pocket square image credit to Netflix.

The works have been featured on various runways and media outlets but the favorite experiences are directly with clients. Marie Livet floral and antique millinery tools.

Studio floral and Victorian Era millinery tools
Custom orders are welcomed. Questions or comments? Please email them to marie@marielivet.com. 
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