The Symbolic Tale of the Evergreen Bouquet

Evergreen couture green silk, cast bronze and gemstone bouquet symbolizing love that grows.
The studio of Marie Livet loves to bring symbolism to what surrounds you. If you carry Evergreen, you hold a stunning fine art couture bouquet that represents growth of an enduring love throughout all seasons. It reaches forward toward the future with the grace of the wind at its back.
Adding symbolism to your own bridal bouquet is always a worthwhile addition. It can come from either personal memories that you have around a certain object or just an emotion that you want to remember on your special day. One way to accomplish this is to hide a small charm or piece of jewelry in your bouquet. Nobody needs to see it or know that it's there because its a personal thought that can be just for you. 
Other people use color to enhance the meaning of their floral or even base botanical choices off the Victorian language of flowers. You could also take a small note from someone you love, fold it up small and wire it hidden below the floral canopy. 
Side view of the Evergreen Bouquet in green silks, gemstone and gold cedar from Marie Livet.
Evergreen is a conceptual art bouquet that changes, broadens and grows over time, just as an evergreen would. It represents enduring affection that is multi toned and layered. A complexity of components but the beauty of them together is truly undeniable. It will remain stoic and alluring forever.
The idea to create this version came with the thought of a wind blown tree flashing through my mind. It's lovely branches reaching upward and away from the constant breeze. I have always been inspired at the remarkable strength of those trees to grow so gracefully beautiful despite the stresses of the relentless wind. They are truly unique.
Live cedar cast in bronze and gold plated.
A very primary element in this piece is the live cedar that was cast in bronze and then plated in gold. These cedar cuttings were taken from a tree near Seattle both in the fall and spring to symbolize different seasons. If you look closely you can see budding and resting growth.
Bronze leaf with breaks in it in Evergreen bouquet
These fragmented leaves are cast bronze directly from silk fabric leaves created in the Marie Livet studio. They represent challenges. There is still structure, memory and a story to tell. Even though they are not whole they are still beautiful and a very important element to the love we share with others. Without these pieces our experience would be incomplete.
Evergreen bouquet close up featuring ametrine gemstone.
The heavy foliage theme of Evergreen is counter balanced with several other elements. These include various gemstones, freshwater pearls in several shades and styles, and Swarovski crystals. These clusters were meticulously wired by hand and attached to their own silk wrapped stem. All of Evergreen’s base of silk velvet leaves were created in the Marie Livet studio using antique tools.
The variance of gemstones showcased in Evergreen represent all the different ways we can offer happiness and light to others. Simple gestures of kindness that take on many forms and shapes. Look closely and you will see kunzite, morganite, green topaz, sapphire, tanzanite, Ethiopian opal, ametrine and yellow topaz throughout the canopy of this bouquet.  Evergreen love poem

I hope that you find the concept of this love translated into a bouquet as beautiful as I do. Leaving you now with thoughts of green.

XO -Marie

Evergreen Silk Pocket Square in Gold and Purple by Marie Livet 

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