Dakota Black Leather Floral Lapel Pin Boutonniere

The Dakota black leather floral and foliage lapel pin boutonniere. A woodsy style featuring a large fern flanked by leaves and a wild bloom. Hand cut and pressed in the studio using antique tools.

Measures 5 inches at the tallest point (about 12-13 cm) and measures about 3 1/2 inches at the widest point (about 8-9 cm).

Marie Livet uses rare antique tools to create the studio floral by hand. It is very time consuming but the results are absolutely gorgeous and truly unique to the studio. Many of these tools had to be restored over several months because parts essential to their use were lost or destroyed long ago. This passion for art is what is delivered into every single piece created.

  • Measures 5 Inches Tall and 3 1/2 Inches Wide
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