Teardrop Lily of the Valley Wedding Bouquet Mother of Pearl and Freshwater Pearl


This beyond stunning lily of the valley pearl wedding bouquet in a teardrop shape features exclusive to the studio double faced silk velvet leaves, gorgeous freshwater pearls and hand carved mother of pearl flowers.

Countless and meticulous hand twisting of wire creates the lily of the valley bouquet. Absolutely stunning and incredibly special. 

The silk velvet and lily of the valley stem silk is hand dyed exclusively for the studio.

Each stem is its own individually finished piece with a green dupioni silk wrap that can be molded to any direction. This arrangement can be taken apart and arranged differently if desired later for display purposes.

These bouquets are a cherished keepsake for years to come.

  • Freshwater Pearls
  • Hand Pressed Silks
  • Hand Dyed Silks
  • Hand Carved Mother of Pearl Flowers
  • Measures Approximately 7 1/2 Inches in Diameter (19 cm)

Marie Livet uses genuine antique tools to create the studio floral by hand so you know you're getting a finished piece that is truly rare and only available from the studio. Each heirloom bouquet takes several weeks to create using the finest materials. Many of the antique tools used had to be restored over several months because parts essential to their use were lost or destroyed long ago. This passion for art is what is delivered into every single unique art piece created.

Marie Livet ships worldwide.

Custom designs available upon request.

*Please allow 10-12 weeks to ship from the studio.

**Please note the bouquet exactly as shown is sold. This is a custom listing that will be created for you and may vary slightly due to natural differences in pearls and material dye lots. If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to message the studio. It's always a pleasure to assist.
These elaborate couture bouquets are completely created in the studio by hand. This process takes several weeks to months depending on the size and complexity of the floral. The studio uses a wide variety of tools and methods to produce these entirely unique pieces. These are not brooch bouquets that you will see sold using mass produced store bought silk flowers that fray and other cheap materials. These exclusive art pieces are made to the highest quality standard and have features not found in store bought silk floral that add immense longevity and beauty.

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