Evergreen Medallion Gold Purple and Black Silk Scarf


Hand rolled edge silk scarf featuring an electric pattern in gold, purple and black. Derived from Evergreen, the fine art couture floral studio piece that symbolizes growth through the seasons.

  • 100% Silk
  • Printed in England
  • Measures 90cm X 90cm (35.4 inches)
  • Hand Rolled Edge
  • Free Shipping in US


Pattern derived from Evergreen, the beloved fine art couture bouquet by Marie Livet. Evergreen is a conceptual piece that changes and grows over time, just as an evergreen would. It represents enduring affection and growth through the seasons that is multi toned and layered. A complexity of components but the beauty of them together is truly undeniable. It will remain stoic and alluring forever.

Evergreen features cast bronze cedar and leaves that are plated in gold and many various gemstones and pearls. 


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