Evergreen Gold Cedar and Green Leaves Gemstone Fine Art Bridal Bouquet


Evergreen is an ultra luxe fine art bouquet that represents the growth of love through the seasons of life. Combining gold, green, purple, blue and other subtle gemstone tones. 

 Truly a spectacular rarity by Marie Livet that is steeped heavily in symbolism.

  • Cast Bronze Cedar Plated in 24k Gold
  • 100s of Carats of Various Genuine Gemstones
  • Hand Wired Freshwater Pearl Clusters
  • Swarovski Crystal
  • Hand Cut and Pressed Silks
  • Measures Approximately 9 Inches at Widest Point (22-23 cm)
Evergreen as pictured is sold and currently in a private collection. You can see more available Evergreen art pieces from the studio by clicking here.


The cedar in Evergreen was cast especially for this bouquet over the period of one year by using pieces from a tree in both the fall and spring. This gave the samples of cedar different growth structures. The main significance of Evergreen is to express love that grows and remains beautiful always.

Gemstones sourced for Evergreen include ametrine, opal, topaz, kunzite, amethyst, tanzanite, morganite and spinel.

All of the silk fabric leaves were cut and pressed in the studio using antique tools including the leaves that were cast in bronze and have additional meaning to the piece. 


A love that grows and broadens over time. Always remaining beautiful in every season of life.

Shop more Evergreen art pieces by clicking here.

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