Something Blue Sterling Silver, Freshwater Pearl and Gemstone Couture Bridal Wedding Bouquet


Something Blue couture floral teardrop bridal wedding bouquet. Created using genuine crystal quartz and white topaz gemstones, exclusive cast solid sterling silver leaves, freshwater pearls, crystal, carved mother of pearl flowers, and silk velvet. Completely hand cut and pressed in the studio.

Custom color changes welcomed!

Please note: This exact bouquet as shown is sold. This is a special order request to have a similar bouquet created for you. Thankfully no two pieces are ever exactly the same! This means your bouquet will be all your own for your special day. There will be slight differences because this bouquet is completely made by hand and current dye lots and materials and natural materials such as gemstones and pearls vary in exact availability. Please contact the studio with any questions regarding your unique bouquet to be created. Custom changes are available.

Each flower, gemstone pearl cluster, and sterling leaf is its own individually finished piece with a green dupioni silk wrapped stem that can be molded to any direction. This arrangement can be taken apart and arranged differently if desired later for display purposes.

  • Solid Sterling Silver Leaves
  • Genuine Gemstones
  • Swarovski Crystal
  • Hand Cut and Pressed Silks
  • Freshwater Pearl and Crystal Accents
All the sterling silver leaves in this bouquet are sealed so they will never tarnish.


***Please allow 3-4 months to ship from the studio.*** It takes a very long time to source all the various materials for the bouquets, cast precious metals, perform material quality checks and then construct the piece.

Bridal photo and Jimmy Choo shoe photo provided by the bride in the United Arab Emirates.


Creating these elaborate bouquets in the studio lovingly by hand takes several months using antique flower making tools. Every petal is cut and pressed by hand before assembly. 

Gemstones are sourced for each order once it is placed and will vary due to being a natural material.

The solid sterling leaves are each created one by one using antique millinery tools and then finally sealed so they will never tarnish.  

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