Life is Art


The Livet Studio Art

Every Marie Livet piece is created using fine art elements painstakingly brought to life exclusively for the studio.

This process carries on the time honored tradition of the fiercely artisinal heart paired with the discerning client. 

Many of the rare antique floral tools sourced from all over the globe needed lengthy restoration. It's this passion combined with couture design techniques that add layered dimensions of rarity to each design that leaves the studio. 


The Designer

Marie, the designer behind the Marie Livet studio. This studio is dedicated to producing uniquely beautiful works of timeless appeal.

Cultivating her studio cast of rare antique tools and finer methods of production, her focus is to bring inspirational edge and beauty to her pieces.

She is well known to often be wearing the signature studio Prosperity Leaf. This pendant symbolizes joy we can cultivate through the growth and adaption of our own personal strengths. 

Her private studio is based out of the US in Washington State but Marie Livet pieces are available for shipping worldwide.

Design questions? Email Marie at


The Mission

It began with the Prosperity pendant.

Marie Livet's studio produces many symbolic pieces that carry more than just physical beauty.

Every day we choose what to wear or carry close to us. This is a tremendous opportunity to begin with positive purpose.

Whether it's a casual accessory or something for a special occasion, every Marie Livet piece is created with a goal of adding more than just beauty. The studio art is meant to honor the past, present and future. The past comes from the antique tools and methods, the present is the creation and the future is what it will bring to the beloved clients.

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